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Elijah Hernandez
Elijah Hernandez

Download ((HOT)) CGAXIS Models Collection Torrent

Hedges 3D Models Collection Volume 89 by CGAxis contain 36 high polygon 3D models of hedges and shrubs. In this 3D models collection you will find straight and curved hedges which you can join together to make larger sets and many single shrubs in various shapes.

Download CGAXIS Models Collection torrent

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Info:Collection of 59 various food products. Scanned from real products and optimized (below 2k polygons). In it you will find bakery products such as sweetrolls, muffins, cakes, fruits and snacks. This collection is compatible with Unity 3D Engine 5.6.2 or higher and have models prepared as prefabs with materials and textures. Download PDF brochure for more details. All images showed in this collection are made in Unity. 041b061a72




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