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Elijah Hernandez
Elijah Hernandez

[FS9 FSX]Simmer's Sky Overland Airbus A330 PC [Extra Quality]

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[FS9 FSX]Simmer's Sky Overland Airbus A330 PC

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Filename:airbus_a330-343_garuda_indonesia_pk-ghc_mask_on_cs.zipLicense:FreewareAdded:13th November 2020, 20:23:25Downloads:294Author:Aldriand WibisonoSize:7494kb

When installing the gauges, if you are already using the other authors' (Stefan Liebe, pa etc.) original files for other aircraft (e.G. Cab."A32x" for pa A320 series, cab. "_nd" for pa A380 etc.) and you have already placed these gauges to the main fsx gauges folder, then you must not put the gauges provided with my package for overland sms into the same folder, I.E. The main FSX gauges folder. This is because I do not include all the parts of the above gauges with my package, but rather only the necessary ones, modified to work with overland airbuses and thus, having the same name with the originals, the computer will ask you if you wish to over-wright, which (if you do so) in effect will cause malfunction of the original gauges to the aircraft originally intended to be used (the pfd to the pa a320, the nd to the pa a380 etc.).So the alternatives are:




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