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Elijah Hernandez
Elijah Hernandez

Sonic 3 Mobile Port - A Fan-Made Project to Bring Sonic 3 to Android

Sonic 3 and Knuckles APK is the third part of the sonic series released in 1994 as a sequel to the main part and involves two main characters fighting each other. This game was released for the Sega console. The main characters of the game are a hedgehog named sonic and knuckles, the echidna. Sonic and knuckles fight the villain, whose name is Dr. Robotnik. The task is to protect the Chaos Emerald and to stop the villain from recovering his battle spaceship. It has a lot of players from all around the globe and is one of the most played games in the world.

This game has very simple, yet classic mechanics. It revolves around two main characters, who fight each other and pass-through different levels. The levels involve various maze-like shapes consisting of obstacles, cliffs, slopes and ledges. There are a lot of villains which the hero meets while completing the levels. The opponents are called Badnik who are loaded with weapons and look like either insects or animals. The hero, sonic, can adopt 3 strategies to cope up with the villains appearing in its way: hitting the Badnik while jumping at them from above, rolling yourself at then hitting the enemy by giving a special blow, and hitting the enemy at fast speed curled up in a ball. During the game, the player has to collect various bonuses and rings to gain extra points. The player also has to protect sonic from physics damage during the game.

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