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Elijah Hernandez
Elijah Hernandez

Nintendo Boosts Switch Production As Pre-orders Sell Out ((EXCLUSIVE))

I find this news odd, perhaps something is missing.Sales were reduced in the last fiscal year, and regarding production, Shuntaro Furukawa was widely quoted as having said in August last year, that "even if Nintendo could manufacture more Switches, they wouldn't be able to sell them".A new Zelda and Mario don't seem to be a good reason to increase production either. One has to imagine that a special edition console would shift more units to the hardcore, but both those game series have already appeared on the hardware already, likely meaning most fans of those series who would be attracted by those games would already have purchased a system. Hmm ....

Nintendo boosts Switch production as pre-orders sell out

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I think they are boosting the production so they can later on start the production of the new generation. That way they don't need to manufacture as many of the regular switch later on since they will have many left in storage. The semiconductor problems are in the past. The demand for semiconductors have decreased because of the inflation and is easier to get.

Not sure how to interpret this. Will there be a new model which obviously would boost sales, or does this mean they are increasing production for the existing Switch systems, mainly OLED as that's the one selling the most? Either way you cut it, this is really impressive. Switch has a chance to become the best selling system of all time at this rate. I suspect it will at least surpass the DS, making it the best selling Nintendo system of all time. It's easily my favourite console ever, with some of the strongest instalments in several Nintendo IP, so we've been eating well.

Personally I don't think Zelda will shift many hardware out of the ordinary as most Zelda fans would already have a Switch but some might jump straight into the sequel or re-buy a switch. And others will buy the limited edition (if there is one). Pikmin might sell more if they aim it towards new younger gamers.

I can live with that if Nintendo gets that Metroid Prime remaster out this year. Nintendo could especially make it up to me (haha) by launching in 2024 with some crazy console+handheld things instead of just an upgraded hybrid. ( I threw it into the ring of ideas in that other article: -point-does-nintendos-next-console-have-to-be-another-switch#comment7393681 )

In other Nintendo news, demand for the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection has made it the second best-selling game of 2020 on Amazon, coming in just behind Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The Nintendo Switch eShop also just received a series of customer-friendly improvements, such as being able to cancel pre-orders without payment up to a week before release.




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