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[S1E2] Bart The Genius !!BETTER!!

"Bart the Genius" is the second episode of the American animated television series The Simpsons. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 14, 1990. It was the first episode written by Jon Vitti. It is the show's first normal episode as well as the first to use the signature title sequence, though this version is much different from the one used from the second season to the twentieth season. In the episode, Bart cheats on an intelligence test and is declared a genius, so he is sent to a school for gifted children. Though he initially enjoys being treated as a genius, he begins to see the downside of his new life.

[S1E2] Bart the Genius

At Springfield Elementary School, Bart is busted for vandalism by Principal Skinner after the class genius, Martin Prince, snitches on him. To get revenge, Bart surreptitiously switches exams with Martin. When the school psychologist, Dr. Pryor, studies the IQ test results, he labels Bart a genius. Homer and Marge enroll him in a school for academically gifted students. Neither Lisa nor Skinner are fooled by Bart's supposed genius, but Skinner is pleased that Bart no longer attends Springfield Elementary.

At the Enriched Learning Center for Gifted Children, Bart feels out of place among the other students with advanced academic skills. Ostracized by his brilliant classmates, Bart visits his former school, where his old friends reject him because of his perceived intelligence. After Bart's chemistry experiment explodes, filling the school lab with green goo, he confesses to Pryor that he switched tests with Martin. Pryor realizes that he was never a genius and has him readmitted to Springfield Elementary.

The episode begins as the Simpson family plays Scrabble in the living room, in an effort to build Bart's vocabulary for his aptitude test tomorrow at school. The game ends when Bart cheats and makes up an imaginary word, "Kwyjibo", and defines it as, "A big, dumb, balding, North American ape with no chin." Homer's instantly angered and chases Bart out of the room. The next day before class, in the schoolyard, Martin Prince, the school genius, tattles on Bart, for spray painting graffiti defaming Principal Skinner on the school building. Skinner orders Bart to see him after school.

The next morning at the breakfast table, Marge and Homer hover around their new genius child and Homer tells Lisa to start eating what Bart eats for breakfast, so she can become a genius too. However, Lisa's not fooled by Bart and knows he's still just a dimwit. After breakfast, Homer takes Bart to the "Enriched Learning Center for Gifted Children". Once inside the school, they find Bart's class, and, after peeking in, they see all of the boys are wearing ties. So Homer gives Bart the tie he's wearing, gives Bart a little pep talk about his first day at the new school, and shoves him in the classroom door. Once inside the class, Ms. Melon, the teacher, introduces herself and the new classmates to Bart and shows him around the classroom. She tells Bart about the independent learning and the only rule is for him to make his own rules. Class begins with a debate on the topic of free will and the paradoxes it creates; Bart struggles to understand the discussion. Later at lunch, Bart's classmates realize Bart isn't really that smart when he accepts their ridiculously uneven trade offers (Ex: 1000 Pico liters of milk for 4 gills worth. A gill's much, much larger than a Pico liter). A dejected Bart walks away from the lunch table as the other kids laugh at him.

After school, Bart relaxes in his room, when Homer walks in to see about Bart's first day at the new school. Homer suggests they all go out for frosty chocolate milkshakes, and Bart agrees. Just then, Marge walks by, and tells Homer and Bart she bought tickets to the opera in an effort to try to help nurture Bart's brain. Later, during the opera, a bored and impatient Homer and Bart goof off and cut each other up, even though they're continually shushed by an upset Marge. Cut to the next day at school, where Bart feels even more stupid and left out when he can't understand a calculus problem on the chalkboard. Later, as a sad Bart walks home from school, he passes by the playground of his old school, where Richard, Lewis, and Milhouse are shooting marbles. When Bart greets them and tries to talk to them, they treat him like a nerd, call him names, and tell him to get lost. Cut to dinner later, as a depressed Bart eats, Marge reminds everyone they can't be late for the film festival for which she bought tickets a way to nurture Bart's brain. Bart is reluctant to go to the festival, and Homer tells him they don't have to. Just as Bart's about to tell Homer what's on his mind and confess about the false I.Q. test, Homer insists on going outside to play catch. After playing catch, Bart sees how much being a genius means to Homer and decides not to confess what he did, out of fear of disappointing him.

The next day at the "gifted children" school, while performing a chemistry experiment, Bart accidentally causes an explosion, which results in green goo everywhere. Cut to Dr. Pryor's office, where he meets with a green stained Bart. They discuss the reasoning behind his recent failings at the new school, and Dr. Pryor thinks once again Bart isn't being challenged enough, while Bart suggests he just go back to Springfield Elementary again. When Dr. Pryor wants to know why, Bart makes up an excuse and tells Dr. Pryor he will like to go undercover and study regular kids and their school environment, "to see what makes 'em tick". Dr. Pryor agrees and tells Bart to write up a proposal to present to Principal Skinner while he goes to talk to him. Bart struggles to write a proposal and instead changes his mind and writes his confession. When Dr. Pryor comes back in the office and reads Bart's confession he suddenly realizes Bart was never a genius to begin with. Later at home, a still green stained Bart greets his parents and Homer offers to give Bart a turpentine bath to wash off the green.

Out in the backyard, as Homer gives Bart a bath, Bart confesses about cheating on the aptitude test and tells Homer he loves him and he enjoyed the extra attention from being a "genius". He tells Homer he doesn't think something which brought them closer than they ever were before can be bad. But, Homer doesn't see it Bart's way, and he chases Bart out of the tub, trying to choke him. Bart is too quick for Homer, runs into his bedroom and locks the door. An angry Homer pounds on Bart's door, and tries to coax him to come out, while Bart taunts him from inside his room. Everything is back to normal at the Simpson home.

Bart cheats on an intelligence test by swapping papers with class nerd Martin Prince, and soon finds himself transferred to an elementary school for genius kids, who don't see Bart as one of them, while Homer thinks otherwise and bonds with him.

When Bart cheats on his test he ends up swapping the names on the tests completed by Martin Prince that ends up showing Bart is a genius with his rebellious behaviour being used to cover up struggle to deal with the intelligence and gets transferred to a new school for the gifted.

Bart swaps papers with class nerd Martin during an IQ test at school. When the school psychologist compiles the test results, he believes the switch and Bart ends up in the Enriched Learning Center for Gifted Children. The new school's laid-back liberal ethos suits Bart in a brilliant way - until he is asked to show evidence of his neglected genius.

The next day before class, in the schoolyard, Bart is spray-painting graffiti that defames Principal Skinner on the school building. Principal Skinner is watching the kids on the playground. Martin Prince, the school genius, tattles about the graffiti. Milhouse, one of Bart's friends, sees Martin informing Skinner and warns Bart. Skinner arrives, where Bart, Milhouse, and two more children are feigning their involvement. He then checks each of their hands, but Bart is caught "red-handed". Skinner orders Bart to see him after school.

Bart cheats on his intelligence test and is mistaken for a child genius. In order to offer him more stimulation, Marge and Homer enroll him in a school for gifted students where he is immediately made to feel like the mediocre student he is. Bart eventually bluffs his way back into Springfield Elementary by claiming he'll study his classmates but winds up confessing to everyone that he cheated.

We learn in "HOMЯ" (S12E9) that Homer would actually be an intelligent man if he didn't have a crayon lodged up his nose and near his brain. With the crayon removed, Homer's IQ goes up 50 points. However, the whole crayon situation doesn't make as much sense when you think about the 'Simpson Gene', which explains that the Simpson men (but not the women) get gradually dumber as they age. So which is it? The Redditor suggests neither are true, and that in reality Bart and his dad act stupid on purpose because it makes life easier. Bart certainly does some pretty dumb things, but he also pulls off a lot of clever hijinks that a truly dumb person could never mastermind. This is possible because, at his core, he's actually a genius pretending to be a dolt. 041b061a72




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