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Elijah Hernandez
Elijah Hernandez

VA - 160 Slow Dancing Original Super Hits.part3...

Similary peripatetic, Tôi quên rôi! (I forgot!) rambles through the neighborhoods, supermarkets, and street bars of Hanoi, Vietnam, following the main character Trung and his friends. The film begins underwater, off the coast of Vietnam and ends high up in the sky overlooking a desolate suburban landscape of unfinished, empty homes. As the film unfolds it presents a slow and gradual ascent, an intentional shift of position and point of view. In comparison, Pude ver un Puma (Could see a Puma) is distinguished by downward movement from start to finish. In this film, a group of young men descend from rooftops to traverse and explore a deserted and devasted landscape until they suddenly disappear, seemingly swallowed by the earth.

VA - 160 Slow Dancing Original Super Hits.part3...





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