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The Dragon Prince - Season 1 |TOP|

Season 3 of this epic tale of magical elves, gargantuan dragons, and an ancient enmity between the races of men and the magical creatures of Xadia only pushes the story further and deeper while expanding the world ever wider, and solidifying The Dragon Prince as one of the great animated fantasies of our time.

The Dragon Prince - Season 1

By the end of Season 2 we have a mounting conflict between the races of men and elves. We have a baby dragon, Zym. Callum has become the first human (that we know of) to tap into elemental magic rather than dark magic. Up to this point, only elves and other magical creatures could use magic. Humans had to sacrifice magical creatures to harness dark magic. Somehow Callum figures out how to tap into air magic.

Each season of The Dragon Prince is just 9 episodes long, but what this allows the show to do is tell a fairly complete story each season. Season 3 wraps up what is essentially a three-season arc, though the story is far from over. Still, it ends in a very satisfying way with plenty of resolution, but also plenty left unanswered and a great cliffhanger.

Ezran is starting to come into his own as King, and with his friends, at his side, he will make a great one. His ability to make friends with animals and other creatures will be paramount to maintaining peace between the dragons, humans, and elves.

Focused around magic, dragons, elves, and all things mystical, the hit Netflix show has surpassed all expectations as it already has three seasons out with four more guaranteed to close out the series. That said, the show had to start somewhere and the first season did a great job of putting the series' best foot forward.

The very first episode may have been the lowest-rated of the season, but it meant the series had nowhere to go but up. Introducing audiences to the world of Xadia, a narrator reveals that humans and elves are at war with one another due to the fact that humans killed the King of the Dragons and smashed the egg of the Dragon Prince completely unprovoked.

In the final episode of the season, the main group finally reaches the top of the Cursed Caldera where they hope to find the same miracle healer who cured Ava - only to discover that the mystical being was actually just a Moon Mage, an illusionist with no powers of healing who simply made Ava seem as though she had four legs instead of her actual three.

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to squeeze in a rewatch of a show before its newest season premieres, especially when there are so many current shows still airing on the packed TV schedule.

WARNING! Potential Spoilers: I think the obvious twist that was set-up is that King Harrow got turned into his bird. I may be wrong about this but, if I am not, I wish they had revealed it in the first season because it was very easy to guess.

Co-created by Aaron Ehasz (of Avatar: The Last Airbender fame) and Justin Richmond (of video game company Naughty Dog fame), The Dragon Prince, at least in its opening hours, takes its time to round out its scenario before finally dropping everything together in a seamless and smart way. Callum and Ezran are the two sons of King Harrow in the human kingdom, at a cold (but brewing) war with the dragon and elf kingdoms over the use of dark magic and the slaying of the dragon king. But when Rayla and her team of assassin elves come into the picture seeking revenge, a whole web of events begins, revealing that our heroes are tied together with secrets from the past.

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Time is going to be key in assessing what The Dragon Prince is in the realm of children\u2019s television. At just nine 25-minute episodes, the show\u2019s first season feels like a taste of whatever former Avatar: The Last Airbender head writer Aaron Ehasz has cooked up for this new world he\u2019s created. But where Airbender felt like Nickelodeon\u2019s response to the extreme popularity of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter back in 2005 (and then became its own thing through masterful storytelling and aesthetic creativity), The Dragon Prince too feels like a response, this time to Game of Thrones. Similarly, HBO\u2019s massive hit fantasy series\u2019 first season also felt like a taste of a world destined to expand in its subsequent seasons.

But the similarities don\u2019t end there; there\u2019s literally a platinum blonde teenager fighting to protect an unhatched dragon egg. At least the show is in on it\u2014\u201cWinter is coming\u2026eventually,\u201d the king quips in the series premiere.

As we learn through a Fellowship of the Ring-style prologue, this is a world where the egg of the last dragon king might just be able to bring peace to the world, as well as its two divided, warring peoples: humans and Moonshadow Elves from the land of Xadia. We primarily follow young Prince Callum (Jack De Sena, the voice of Airbender\u2019s chief source of comic relief, Sokka) and his even younger brother Ezran (Sasha Rojen), who would inherit the throne of the human kingdom in his father\u2019s place. We\u2019re also introduced to Rayla (Paula Burrows), a tough as nails Moonshadow Elf who is part of a team of her kin planning to enter the castle and assassinate the king.

They succeed, notably not by Rayla\u2019s hand, as she\u2019s tasked with executing Ezran, the true heir. But in a climatic moment in episode three, which feels like the end of an introductory movie that leads us into the rest of the season, Callum, Ezran, and Rayla discover a dragon egg, the first in an age, and decide to join forces to carry it across the map in hopes of ending the war between their factions. While they\u2019re off on their quest, the king\u2019s advisor, Lord Viren, tries to snatch up the throne while manipulating his children to do his bidding (he\u2019s essentially a cross between Littlefinger and Cersei).

As far as the writing goes, however, Rayla is the strongest figure in this first batch of episodes. She\u2019s a fierce warrior undeniably skilled with a blade, but the magical bracelet she put on before her mission continues to tighten as a consequence of failing to kill Ezran. Her personal journey to find peace within herself, as well as trust in others, is the most satisfying of the season. It doesn\u2019t hurt, too, that she\u2019s utterly badass in every action sequence.

That brings me to the series\u2019 animation. The Dragon Prince employs an odd-looking blend of classic anime style with subtle 3D animation (though not quite as odd-looking as the upcoming Star Wars Resistance). It took me a couple episodes to get used to it, but the colors really pop, and when you get to some of the more fluid, dynamic action scenes, it\u2019s just as stylish and exciting as anything in Airbender or even The Legend of Korra, with similarly creative, rich creature design. That said, it\u2019s clear where the budget went, as the smaller, talkier scenes can occasionally look incredibly blocky and stiff. Were the series to get renewed with a slightly larger budget, these problems would likely go away, but for now, there are a couple of dialogue scenes in the first season that leave a really ugly impression of what this style of animation can do in 2018.

Speaking of stiff, all the political maneuverings of the adult characters can feel really soapy and exposition heavy early on. As the younger characters become more integral to the season\u2019s drama, this problem slowly starts to fade away, but there were definitely moments in the first few entries where the adults needed to lighten up.

And that\u2019s really where The Dragon Prince crosses paths with Airbender the most. Both shows have tremendous hearts that they hope to share with audiences of all creeds (there are even racial undertones in how everyone talks to Rayla and about the elves in general). The way the season ends, on a nail-biting cliffhanger, it\u2019s clear the writers are hoping Netflix will give them more time to play in this world. Based on these nine episodes, they\u2019ve earned that chance. Shows this affectionately and thoughtfully made are still a rarity in children\u2019s television, and there\u2019s enough gravitas to the drama that adults will likely remain engaged. By no means is The Dragon Prince on the level of either Airbender or Thrones yet, but given time, it doesn\u2019t feel impossible to imagine it reaching those heights.

Co-creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond were on hand with news that all nine episodes of the new season will stream November 3. They also shared the Season 4 Official Trailer and key art from the show.

While the plot of season 4 is still under wraps, the focus of the season is likely to partially be about what Rayla, Callum, and Ezren learned in the graphic novel, Through the Moon, as well as Aarovos whose return will unbalance the world as they know it.

The Dragon Prince follows the story of three unlikely friends who set out on a journey to restore peace to the world. The adventure begins when Callum, Ezran, and Rayla discover a dragon egg hidden deep inside the castle of Kotalis. Rayla, believing this egg to be the long-lost Dragon Prince decides to take it back to its mother, and though Callum and Ezran remain skeptical, they decide to accompany her on her quest. 041b061a72




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